10" (2012)

by Remissions

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released January 30, 2012

recorded and engineered by Saku Tamminen and Tapsa Lepistö during 2011.



all rights reserved


Remissions Finland

Echoes of world downfall from Nekala meat cutting district, Tampere, Finland. Est. 2007.

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Track Name: No
Infantile mental violence
Pushed down my throat
Do you think I will take this?
Do you think I will hesitate to let go?
A brick wall is building up around my heart
From behind it I stare you tear yours apart
Your downfall seems meaningless without an audience
Your misery as your weapon you will try to beat me senseless

Sorry to interrupt your painful masturbation
But guess what, I have these feelings too
and now they're in process of degradation
Another step is taken backwards, another brick is being laid
Another pawn is moving towards the end of just another game

That familiar feeling when nothing surprises anymore
Endless unsatisfaction written to the core
Again I find myself staring from the shelter of my wall
My eyes are steady open in shock by the horror of it all

Sweet dreams are made of these
Who am I to disagree
Eat shit, call it love, you will see
That everybody is looking for something
Track Name: Sic Semper Tyrannis
Swollen eyes, no goodbye. Don't ask yourself why
Throne disgraced, teeth misplaced. Disfigured face
Power corrupts. Paid sex, paid cops, you just can't stop
Such great ideas, well I had one too. You fucking sociopath should have your tongue cut in two

Not a fucking word from your greedy mouth
Time to cut every seed that your bullshit sprouts
You've been running your show for long enough
Time to settle the score, to kick up a notch
Power mad, the most human thing
I wish I had been there when he took the swing
A tyrant clown stripped off his pride
Just a matter of time when worlds collide

Sic semper tyrannis
Track Name: 2 a.m.
Clenched fist welcome the inevitable
The worst shit there is
Society so civilized
Motherfuckers don't know where the last line is

You can't take it
Can't take it anymore
Tell your hands not to break it
All you want to do is even the score

You were alone so morale could be bent
No eyeball witness, nothing to repent
Threats of violence, the push around
Your throat tightens up, self confidence nowhere to be found

By what right strangers even uproach you?
They all want something but none of them know you
You would help anyone with a genuine need
But history has taught you the rules of the street

What is it with these guys? So much money to get high
Still asking for something for an excuse to fight
My anger can't express how sorry I feel
Compassion's still hard to force when they flash you cold steel
Track Name: Marked For Life
Heavy gears of bureaucracy
Pin down and clinch the soul of a man
Lost in categories, between the lines
Cursed in language he can't understand
Cast out, labeled, pushed aside
Frustration won't change what ivory towers decide
Stumbling forward like a rat in a maze
Fate sealed by pity but life-defining games

It is too late

Marked for life
Outcast, antisocial
Forever stigmatized
Desperation creeping in
From all the things he's kept in
Can't break out
This leads to life of crime

Lowest kind, socialized
Glass ceiling prison to crawl inside
Written number, statistic fact
Born to live your live with that monkey on your back

Frustration won't change this rat in a maze